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Banana Blossom / Puso ng Saging Possible Uses

July 27, 2020

The banana blossom –locally known as puso ng saging— had almost no value until someone got the idea that it can be a good meat extender. Partly to completely using it as burger patties.

From then on, the possibilities are endless. If it can mimic one meat product then others seem workable too – meat ball, fish ball, corned beef and reformed ham. Farmers having hectares of banana plantation would benefit much. Same is true for food processors.

Before, I only knew two banana blossom recipes

First was ginataang puso ng saging — chopped banana blossom cooked in coconut milk. And the second, as inclusion into ginataang tulingan — mackarel tuna cooked in coconut milk with banana blossom quarters. I love them both but I prefer the latter. I just cannot resist the taste of banana blossom infused with coconut milk and fish flavor.

At certain point, banana blossom should be plucked off

Each banana tree is bound to bear one set of fruits. As soon as the blossom — also known as heart — comes out, bracts will open in consecutive fashion revealing flowers that soon develop into fruits.

After a certain number of fruits are reached, bracts will continue opening but the emerging flowers won’t develop into fruits. They detach themselves off and fall after consuming valuable energy. Then, the heart should be cut off forcibly thus helping the plant to nourish bigger fruits.

As of now, only saba banana blossom has economic value

Those from other varieties such as Latundan, Lakatan and Cavendish are cut off and left on the ground to rot. Maybe their blossoms are not as good as Saba. But, R&D could be done to make it on par or even better.

I’m looking for other recipes

Do you have any useful info regarding uses of banana blossom and perhaps recipe out of other varieties. I will appreciate it much if you can write it in the comment below. Thank you!

Trivia: The banana with long bunch

The Banana variety popularly known as Hundred Fingers can bear long bunch of fruits reaching the ground. Fruits are small and packed in close proximity with no visible spaces. It is grown only as ornamental plant. For those who are unfamiliar with, it is sure a head turner.

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