the 100 percent cow's milk

The 100% Cow’s Milk

Shopping for fresh milk in a grocery? What you would get is either of the two.  UHT milk, disguised as fresh milk.  Or reconstituted milk – powdered milk added with water plus others.  Because they are both liquid milk with the same packaging, they are on the same display shelf. If you are not mindful, […]

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a cup of coffee

Do You Want Coffee From Animal Poop? Alamid Coffee

The thought of having animal poop as beverage makes me cringe. However, having a rare and expensive drink for free doesn’t come often. I took it and I was disappointed. It was bad. I expected something unique. Something to brag about. I am not generalizing things here. Many factors affect coffee quality such as land […]

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Making Pancake with the Pancake Mix

Pancake glazed with honey and topped with margarine makes my mouth water. I want a stack of three, each with honey and margarine slices. It is fine for own indulgence but might not be for small businesses. Pancakes for sale on streets and canteens, with budget in mind, come in singles — with thin margarine […]

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peeled indian mango

Indian Mango – The Not So Popular Variety

When this smaller and rounder variety was introduced locally it became so popular. Although, I am not sure when was the introduction date and the price range it reached. It might be comparable to Manila Super Mango, the carabao variety — manggang kalabaw. Why I haven’t any idea about the peak cost? We had plenty […]

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banana heart

Banana Blossom / Puso ng Saging Possible Uses

The banana blossom –locally known as puso ng saging— had almost no value until someone got the idea that it can be a good meat extender. Partly to completely using it as burger patties. From then on, the possibilities are endless. If it can mimic one meat product then others seem workable too – meat […]

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the rotten coconut with erratic coloration

How Do I Select Good Coconuts For My Next Dish

Whenever I need mature coconuts for making the next meal or food preserve, I am on the scout for fresh nuts. Those with white and fragrant smelling meat free of any rancid odor. If you do the same way as I do, you are one step closer to your your ultimate goal. The best quality […]

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Crude Guide to Fruit Wine Making

You can make wine from any fruits containing sugar. Not just from fruits, flowers and wood saps are viable raw materials too. If the sugar concentration is not enough, adding more is a quick fix. By definition, wine is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting grape must – grapes with seeds, peels and stalks mashed […]

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